Welcome To Dune Akitas. We have been raising Akitas for over 35 years. Our responsibility as caretakers of the breed has always been to produce sound temperament, good health, type and structure. With each planned breeding, our goal is consistency and to improve upon each generation. When planning or evaluating a litter, we always keep in mind what was stated in the "original" AKC approved Akita standard: " If it were necessary to describe the Akita in one word, "dignity" would suffice. For it is this concept that the breed embodies. Whether in proud stance or no-nonsense movement, the breed's dignified presence is it's most distinct quality. Each element described in the Standard is designed to contribute to this impression."  

Although Champions produced is a measure of ones dedication to the breed, the total numbers do not make one Breeder better than another because of the many factors that go into making a dog a Champion. We have produced many Champions, but are equally proud of the many Pet/Companions that are in wonderful loving homes. We let our dogs and our numbers speak for themselves.

We hope to be a source for you to educate and inform yourself about our breed. Check out our Links page for additional information.

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