Truman- GCH/CH. Jotoichi Truth Be Told: "Truman" is our wonderful Shiba boy that thinks he is an Akita. He has grown up with Akitas so he doesn't know any better. LOL!! He is an outstanding boy with a head, ear set, movement & type to die for, as well as a fun personality. He has Multi Best of Breed & Group wins over the past two years.

Owners: Richard & Karen Shaw/Dune Akitas

Breeder: Dovie Trotter/Jotoichi Shibas 

Parents  Grandparents  Great Grandparents 
Taichung Traveling Man CH.Tenkai Go Ryuukyuu Uruma Hachiman Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
Shinnkai No Tomime Go Nidai Maneisou
Aso No Kaori Go Takayuusoa Wakanami No Daisuke Go Wakanamisou
Takayuu No Saori Go Takayuusou
Ch. Jotoichi's Elitist CH. Hayato Go Hauoli  CH. Hoku Go Maroon Shiba
Sakura Go Soushuu Choumonsou
CH. Jotoichi Coming Up Roses CH. Ishiyama Fuji Fire
CH. Hilarow Embellish

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